Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ezra Levant Demonstrates He Is A Complete Idiot

The quality of research and background investigation that went into the production of this ridiculous video speaks volumes about the quality of what comes out of this joker's mouth.

First are the glaring absences of even the most basic safety equipment: A hard hat is probably the only personal protection Ezra doesn't actually need, as there is little likelihood anything will clout him on the head. A face shield, hearing protection, gloves, and chainsaw pants would have been very appropriate, however. And does Ezra not realize the red and black checked shirt is rarely used by a person wielding a chainsaw?

Next comes this idiot's complete lack of awareness of the basic operating principles of a chainsaw. He attempts to rev it up, with no apparent effect (his safety brake is clicked forward, of course!). Upon realizing this, he clicks back his brake, then proceeds to risk amputation of his left hand by holding the chainsaw by the top of the brake itself, and not the chainsaw handle!

If this abjectly pathetic example of humour is any indication of the quality of discourse or argument put forth by this twit, sorry, but I have to pass. 

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  1. Ezra Levant, libeller, amputating a limb live on television... Sorry, just thinking out loud.