Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Hunt For Gollum

Watch this absolutely phenomenal piece of cinematography, and you, like me, will be blown away! It tells a simple yet interesting tale of a ranger (Aragorn) and a wizard (Gandalf) and their search for a wretched, pathetic little creature named Gollum.

But the most impressive feature are the trees and forests found in this stunning short film. There are sweeping aerial shots of wide expanses of woodland, beautiful scenes of the barren understory of ancient pine, oak, and cedar forests, close up and detail shots of mossy tree trunks and gnarled old trees, and scenes of airy green glades surrounded by tall specimen trees, the list is virtually endless!

Oh, and also some spectacular sword battles with nasty orcs, under the deepening shadow of an old forest, of course! Click the box with four diagonal arrows to view in full screen, recommended.

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  1. Lol! A lord of the rings fan are we? I had heard of the film, but hadnt bothered looking it up, til i checked in with your blog again, and there it was! how easy is that, just click play! Fantastic little film, and right on the money about the trees, they steal the show!