Saturday, April 10, 2010

Starting Anew

About a year ago a portion of the lakefront property next to ours was cleared by the property owner. In doing so, however, his contractor 'mistakenly' cleared much of a half acre triangle of crown land that seperates our properties and runs from the lakefront back to the old Ottawa Arnprior and Parry Sound railway line. Not that I am defending a contractor that has problems determining where property lines are located, but most of the trees on the crown land and the neighbors lakefront were scruffy poplar and birch, and I didn't have a huge issue with the clearing, as it now gives me a perfectly valid reason to go onto the crown land and plant whatever I like, to hopefully grow into a curtain blocking the view of the rather ghastly clearing 'next door'. I have decided on a selection of specimen trees , including assorted conifers, hardwoods, and fast growing hardwoods to fill in the area, which I will actively 'manage'. Here are two of the original succesful additions, a Balsam Fir now almost 4' tall, and a white pine approaching 6', both being just over ten years of age now.

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